Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh How Time Flies

Once again, time got away from me last month and I didn't post for Blake's 7 month, so today  you will get a "threefer".

Blake turning seven months seemed like it came and went really fast, what with the Coakley family reunion happening that month, it was a constant crazy ride every single day, but that also meant he had way too much fun! Blake had a lot of firsts, first camping trip, first boat ride, first time at Moe's and at Canon Beach, first time sleeping over at Grammy and Popi's house in aunt Danielle's room so mommy and daddy could have a night to ourselves. We also went to Enchanted Forest, did Tie-Dye, Out of This World, Grilled Cheese Bus, Farmers Market and Hillsboro Hops game all more firsts for Blakers. Six month clothes were starting to get a bit snug, so we started to wear 6-9 month clothing, which meant buying more clothes of course. Blake absolutely loved the constant chaos of having four older cousins running or crawling around, constantly wanting to play, he just wasn't a fan of Tripper using him as a personal jungle gym and stealing his binky. We had high hopes that he would watch Tripp crawl and want to keep up with him, but no such thing happened, he could have cared less about crawling, maybe because he preferred a little distance between he and Tripp some days to keep his mounds of hair that Tripp loved to pull, safe.

 Blake loves bath time in the sink

 Tripper Boy
 Our Tie Dye

 Danielle getting a taste of what twins would be like at Out of This World

 Playing hard with Aunt Lacey

 Sleep over with Aunt Danielle
 Farmers Market

 Safari Sams. Always being funny with Aunt Lacey

 We are big game lovers, playing Pit
 Blogging with Aunt Danielle

 Enchanted Forest

 Seaside Candy Store

 Watching the big kids on the Tilt-a-Whirl

 Deal or No Deal, the family favorite at the arcade


 Too Cool

 Ice cream at Seaside

 Windy day at Cannon Beach

 He's already trying to borrow the car

 Our adopted sister, Tasha

 Bret and his popcorn
 Can't have a Coakley Family reunion without a little baseball

 First Camping Trip
 He was not a fan of the life jacket

 Big Blake and Little Blake

 Bath time!

 Hanging out with soon-to-be-dad, Nathan

Something really special that we got to do with the family being in town was Blake's baby blessing, which is a special blessing given to the baby by a Priesthood older (in most cases the father of the baby). In this blessing, the name which the child shall be known by on the records of the church as well as advice and special blessings are given. It is a very sacred and wonderful event in the life of a child in our church.

Overall, it was fun having family in town that we only get to see so often, the older cousins absolutely adored Blake, entertaining him while I helped with dinner or making his food, you could tell they were great helpers at home for their mom with Tripp, they are baby lovers! The last half of Blake's 7th month was spent with my family at my cousin, Austin and his beautiful bride, Sami's wedding and our annual Jasperson Family Campout. Blake met lots of family that he had never seen before and he did really well. I think his favorite new person that weekend was my cousin, CJ's boyfriend, Mike. Boy did he love Mike. He also ate a lot of dirt. Everyone who had a dog, brought their dog on the trip and Blake was in doggy heaven. He loves dogs, he loves to lick them, kiss them and pull their fur. He was enthralled. Blake's first word was also during his 7th month, it was of course "MAMA"! I love listening to him say it and call for me. It puts a smile on my face. We had a fun and adventurous 7th month with Blakers!

 Eating Watermelon with Auntie Carla


Blake turned 8 months August 17th and it dawned on me that in four months I will have a 1 year old son. What the crap?! 8 months has been full of milestones for Blakey boy. He started crawling on the 26th and then pulling himself up to stand. It took only a matter of hours before he figured out how to climb the solitary stair in our house (we have a sunk-in living room). Sept. 5th he got his first tooth and on the 9th his second broke through. He is no longer the toothless wonder and his biting will leave a mark! He is quite the eater though you wouldn't know it looking at him. The kid eats as though it's his last meal every time and yet that little waist of his isn't getting any bigger! He is full of smiles and will talk your ear off. Now that he is mobile it's nearly impossible to keep him in one place for more than a few seconds. He is constantly on the go and has no desire to sit still, making church a little difficult.

 Ready for church

 Helping aunt Lacey pack

 church time

Blaker boy is now 9 months old, weighing in at 19.6lbs, 29.5 inches long and 44cm head circ. that puts him in the 47% for weight, 90% for height and 21% for head. Doc says we have a long and lean little boy on our hands! He is currently cutting his top two teeth, they should make their appearance within a day or so, they are right there. He went to his first high school volleyball game last night to support his cousin, Kenzie Johnsen and did wonderfully. No crying, sat and enjoyed the game like a champ! For the most part, he's all smiles and mischief, getting into EVERYTHING and pulling out anything he can get his little hands on. I have to close the doors to all the rooms otherwise he will get lost, he disappears within seconds, he is FAST. He's still a total mama's boy but I'm sure as he gets older, that will change, all boys love their dads. He is also in 9-12 month clothing, growing like a weed, but we still have to overlap his diaper straps because he just isn't chunking up, only in his thighs!

For those that didn't know, I turned 24 September 12 and Rowdy threw me a surprise party. Let me tell you, I am not easily fooled, I usually sense when something is about to happen, but Rowdy and everyone else involved kept it underwraps and I have NO IDEA. I was so shocked I cried. It was wonderful walking in to a room filled (literally, people were even on the back deck!) with people I love. It was such a great surprise.
 Tiff and her hubby, Bryon
 Jens and Micah, I was so happy my brother and nephew made it down

Lacey also moved out at the end of August in preparation for her big move to South Carolina. I'm not going to lie, I cried the first night she stayed at her parents. We have  never lived without Lacey since we have been married. We started out our little family of four, Us, Lacey and Tasha. After a year, Tasha moved out and went to U of O and a little over a year later, Lacey has moved out. I have always been a fan of a busy household, which is why I want to have as many children and Rowdy can handle me having. We are missing a large piece of our puzzle, Blake loves his aunt as another parent and lights up every time he see's her and cries when she goes away. It is going to be devastating not having her around all the time. Blake and Lacey have had a special bond from the beginning, but yesterday she left and is off to a new and different life in South Carolina with Danielle, Ryan and the boys. We were all a bundle of tears as she took off. She will sorely be missed around our house, she already is.

I am finally reaching the end of my school career. After two schools, marriage, two nanny jobs and a child of our own, I am in the home stretch to graduation. I have been on the slow track, especially since having Blake. School hasn't been much of a priority for me since I left Linfield but I can say I am almost finished! Rowdy is starting at Portland State in their accounting program and hopes to finish in the net 18-24 months before he heads off to law school. We have so many changes and life experiences ahead of us in the next couple of years, stay tuned for more updates from the Coakley Clan!

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