Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Bowl and Linfield

So the kids and I spent the Super Bowl over at my in-laws, Lacey made mummy dogs and treats with them, which kept them entertained and away from Rowdy's incessant screaming at the TV. Let's face it, Rowdy is all boy, he can't help but get too involved in the game lol. His game antics often result in the kids jumping out of the seats and looking at him like "you have lots your mind". I guess at five, you don't understand the importance of biggest day in sports history every year.

Then last night I got to go with my MOH Kylee to watch KC's game. She hadn't seen KC since KC and I were together over three years ago. It was fun. KC's nieces, Kaylor and Kyla came and sat with us and talked, too stinkin cute! It was just like the old days of watching him play, even when he took an elbow to the face, I still got the urge to stand up and cover my mouth with my hand, waiting until he would stand up to signal he was okay, but rather I kept it all in and watched as he sat the floor for a second to collect himself. There is the aftermath that he so bravely endured lol. His cousin Kenny nicknamed him "Knot Head" hahaha
Then Ky and I got a couple pics, luckily he took pitty on us and I didn't have to get those sweaty armpit hugs I DO NOT miss lol.

After the game I made my way over to the duplexes to celebrate Tori's birthday!!! I got to see my girls that I miss so much and see old roomies. It was great catching up and seeing everyone. It was nice too, because everyone seemed happy and excited about me getting married, can't WAIT for everyone to come up for the wedding!!!!

After the party I went and saw my boys, gah SO good to see them. We reminisced about our "smart" moments our freshman and sophomore year and the good ol' days. These boys endured a lot with me, gotta love'em

Next week i'll probably head out again for KC's last home game ever as a Linfield Senior, my little boy is allll grown up! I'm bringing the twins, and I'm excited for that too, should be fun!

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