Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just a Kiss Goodnight

OH-MY-GOODNESS!!!!!! We are a month away, I cannot believe it, can you?! Of course not, a 9 month engagement seemed like PLENTY of time to get ready for this big day, in fact, I thought it to be an eternity, and WHAM! It's practically here! I have two finals this week and then the end of my never ending school year will arrive =D then I can concentrate on only two things, the twins and wedding, well I guess that's technically three isn't it...

Anywho, RSVP's are rolling in daily a few at a time, flower girl dresses are ordered, shoes are ordered, ties are being ordered, favors are ordered, my dress is being altered as we speak. I've been working out a lot with my friend Michael, who is a stud, which is helping to motivate me into pushing myself to my max and i've been doing Zumba, which I love. My body's getting firmer, my tummy is getting flatter but those lb's only fluctuate by a few, sadly, but I guess if I look good, the number shouldn't matter, right?

I'm looking forward to family coming into town that I haven't seen in a while, especially my brother who is stationed over in Okinowa, Japan. Can't wait to dance with him at my wedding to a song he picked out just for us =) Speaking of songs, Rowdy and I finally picked ours out and I'm THRILLED!!!! And I'm making our guest book and I have to say, I'm quite impressed, it looks fantastic!

Tuxes are being fitted, mom found her dress, and we are still acquiring things for the house, which we move into on the 5th of July!!! Yes, the week of our wedding is going to make our heads spin, every single day is jam packed with some activity, be it moving, rehearsal, setting up, family flying in, decorations, bachelorette party, or my actual wedding, it's just nuts, but I'm enjoying the busyness. The week after is also crazy busy. Rowdy was planning on surprising me and taking me up for a pre-honeymoon trip to Wigby Island, but someone spilt the beans on that one so I now know about it, but it's sweet that he worked so hard to do that for us. So we will be at Wigby island Mon-Thurs morning, then we are driving down to Wild Waves and meeting his family and some friends for the day. Thursday night we will be driving down to Mossy rock where my family and friends will be and will be boating and camping there for a couple days. Whew, that's a lot to do in two weeks! Then we will be going home to our own bed, in our own house, *sigh, I can't wait. Instead of just kissing Rowdy goodnight and one of us having to go on our merry way back home, we will get to kiss goodnight, and still roll over and see each other whenever we want, ha!

I'm such a nerd, I love being able to light candles and cook in my own kitchen, i'm actually looking forward to cleaning my house, weird right? OH! We just bought a brand new LG washer, and I'm so excited to use it, and mind you, I have very ill feelings towards folding laundry however, I look forward to the first few loads of laundry and a very low electric bill because of it =)

**Funny story**
I have a cousin who is named after me, she is four. I don't know where the time went, it seems like yesterday that they were a month old and falling asleep on my chest for the night. Anyways, Rowdy and I went over to their house the other night and Taylor and her sister Baylie are 4 and 5 and absolutely love Rowdy. They were playing with him all night long, which Im sure Justin and Noelle appreciated because he wore them out. So Taylor walks up  to me, hands on her hips and says, "You are taking Rowdy from me! Are you cheating on him with another boy? Are you cheating on me with him!" it was rolling on the floor laughing with tears, she was dead serious!

On a more serious note, I feel so blessed to be where I am today! I have great friends and family. I'm so glad I get to share this *epic* moment in my life with so many people! I'm excited for the road unknown ahead of me, for kids, for Rowdy and I to be graduated (oh am I excited for that! but he's got a long road ahead with law school). I'm excited to be able to go over to grandma and grandpa's and also have Rowdy all to myself, forever, Sorry babe but you're stuck with me after July 9th. We have come a long way as a couple. We've been together for nearly 18 months, but been friends for 15 years. Though we still bicker (yes this wedding has brought out the worst in us at times) like any normal couple, we have learned to compromise better and let things go (a huge feat for me, because I am such a perfectionist). I've noticed that when we put God ahead of ourselves in our relationship things go a LOT smoother, it's that whole "Not my will but thy will be done" thing that we both struggle with because we like our way lol. I look forward to so many things occurring on this road I will be driving on with Rowdy. We are copilots to each others lives, now, if only we can agree on who gets to drive first...

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  1. you are so cute! you and Rowdy make a great couple, I can already tell how much you two adore each other.

    please send me an invite. i won't be able to come but my family will be there. i want an invite so i can look up your bridal registry and have your present sent to you. or instead of an invite, just email me where your registered.

    i don't have a facebook so i'm glad you're a regualar blogger!