Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Married Life

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Well its been about two and a half weeks since Rowdy and I tied the knot. Don't worry, professional pictures will be posted once we get to see them ourselves! But here's a sneak peak at what's to come =D

The day was beautiful, seriously, could not have asked for any better. No rain and it wasn't scorching hot either. We had a few hiccups, but of course what wedding day goes by with no memorable bump? Anywho, lot's of people came to share the day with us, the cake was wonderful, so was the food (Kuddos to my mother who catered it, expecting 460 people!) our bridal party looked smashing and the little ones were absolutely DARLING and performed better than I ever expected from 5 little ones, ranging in ages of 2-6, wow. So many people worked extremely hard to make this day run smoothly. My bridesmaids saved the day, bringing my Bolero that I forgot at home, to the temple JUST in time. The Lloyd's worked magic with the sound system and communicating with the Morin's and keeping my sanity on days leading up to the wedding that I thought I would lose it completely. The Morin's for letting us use their beautiful home and property and all the hard work they and their family put into it. Our families (not enough words to describe our gratitude), my aunt Dianne and everyone who helped her with the flowers, gorgeous!!! My bridesmaids were SO helpful, the sacrifices people made to come and to make the day happen, like my parents and the financial support for the wedding as well as emotional, Levi for flying in from Oki, Japan to see me get married, Rowdy's sister Danielle and her family from S.C., Nick coming from AZ and everyone else who took the time and money to come make this day so incredibly special for Rowdy and I.

After our wedding brunch the following day, we went on a little pre-honeymoon honeymoon to Whidby Island (thanks to Reed and LaFawn Smith) and it was great, very relaxing and beautiful scenery, I want to go back! Then we spent a couple nights at Mossyrock with the boating crew and by Saturday, we were ready to head to our own home and sleep in our own bed.

Married life doesn't seem to be too different than the dating life Rowdy and I had, we just have a few extra bonuses (and I'm still trying to figure out how to sign "coakley" instead of Jasperson in a way that I like the look of it). But prior to marriage, we had a joint account and a credit card and spent every waking moment together aside from work and sleeping, so to be honest, we knew what we were getting into for the most part. I will say, it is a bit more challenging living with someone simply because there is no escape like "im going to my house" or anything of the sort, "me time" doesn't really exist anymore either, but luckily, we enjoy each others company most of the time. Marriage has challenges, i'm sure that is no surprise to anyone who's been married for any length of time, and for someone as independent as myself, there are moments where it is extra challenging. In marriage, you are not allowed to be selfish or make decisions regarding money etc. on your own, but rather, you have to consult about every "want" vs. "need" or "large" purchase, or if you are going to raid  your moms pantry for food or grow up and buy your own (yes, this is a debate in our household but I will keep the participants roles anonymous, for their reputations sake :) or who takes the covers in the middle of the night and how clothes are folded or how we grocery shop and who has what shelves and hanging space in the walk-in closet. Oh the little joys and qualms of MARRIAGE.

However great or upsetting the day may be, I will love my husband forever. And I know that no matter how crazy I may drive him, my husband will love his wife, forever.

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  1. you're right on the ball :) i think you two are quite lovely together. and SO many people love you both. i'm glad the wedding went well and all your loved ones came; that's a beautiful start.