Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Down to the Wire

So this will probably be my last update before the big day, which, by the way, is in just 6 days! Things are probably as crazy as they can get. Tomorrow we start moving all of our stuff into our new house, and I am so excited. I painted a wall in our room red yesterday. Levi is home now! He came in Thursday morning and I got to go pick him up, it has been nice to have my twin home. The past couple weeks and the two weeks to follow will probably be the busiest I'll ever be in my entire life. We have family coming in this week, we are decorating the reception site, I have nail, massage, hair, makeup and a bunch of other appointments, we have our wedding dinner, moving, last minute wedding stuff, wedding brunch, Mossyrock, Wigby Island, Wild Waves, packing and unpacking, seeing and visiting people, fittings all mixed in with the rest of the craziness. My poor mother, she wants to cater my wedding so she will be cooking like a mad woman starting Thursday, so no one be surprised if she goes missing for a few days. Everyone keeps asking if I'm ready and excited. I am, I'm SO ready for all the stress to be over and I can enjoy the day I've worked so hard at planning along with a few other amazing people that have helped make my life a little less chaotic. I'm ready to just wake up and realize "Today, I am getting married!" and go to the temple and be sealed to Rowdy and then get into my pretty dress and see everyone and dance and have a fabulous evening. I am also excited because Rowdy says he has a surprise for me but I won't get it until our wedding day, so I am curious as to what it will be =)

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