Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Part 1

I'm nearing the end of my first trimester, and I am very excited for my energy levels to come back. Although I love being pregnant, driving, watching TV, being a nanny to twins, school work etc. is difficult when wanting to constantly fall asleep. Just last night I was over at my in-laws, my MIL is obsessed with Dancing with the Stars and had a finale party at her house, I'm sitting in a cozy chair with a blanket, its 8:30 and guess who is nearly falling asleep, yes, me. So I will be very delighted when I can literally run/walk and not be weary =)

Jelly Bean is about the size of a lime right now, and currently craves soup, maybe it's just me craving soup, but whatever the case, we have been eating a lot of soup. In fact, I just made two soups, Tortilla soup and Potato Leek soup to freeze in baggies and enjoy whenever I am hungry, which is pretty much 24/7. Rowdy's also been spoiling me with my other craving of Jamocha Almond Fudge sundae's from Baskin Robins. I haven't gained any weight yet, which I am really glad about considering I have been eating everything in sight and have drastically toned down my workout routine sans no energy. Jelly Bean is very active, although I cannot feel the kicks and the moving around yet, ultrasounds confirm that my baby is very active.

My best friend, Molly just had her 2nd child, a beautiful baby boy named Lucas on Monday. I am so excited for her! As she and her husband were texting me updates because I was unable to attend the birth due to having to take care of the twins, it dawned on me, holy crap I'm going to be doing this in 6 months! I am extremely excited but those scary birth stories always creep into my head. I want to try and birth naturally (but in a hospital in case something goes wrong), but I do not have the utmost high pain tolerance, I have some, but it isn't bullet proof, so we will see if "all naturale" actually happens.

It's been so... not sure the word for it, crazy doesn't seem to quite cover all the emotions, but whatever the word, its been very (that word) thinking about and planning out the rest of the year and the next year of our lives. Thinking about school, whether or not I'm going to continue to nanny, etc. Where we want to live, raise our kids, cars, there is just so much to think about. It's all very exciting, but overwhelming at times. Oddly enough, I would think Rowdy would be the one stressing the most about it, since money is more of his thing than it is mine, but I have been the one most concerned about it and how our lives will be once Jelly Bean arrives. I have always wanted to be a mom, and I cannot wait to hold my baby and raise my family, its just hitting me that it's happening NOW, not next year, few years, five years, whatever we talked about that day, it's literally now.

I'm excited for my belly to grow and to feel my baby move around in me. To see Rowdy's face when he feels Jelly Bean kick for the first time, or when Jelly Bean has the hiccups, because lets face it, I have the hiccups everyday, my baby is bound to have them at some point. I look forward to pregnancy pictures pre and post pregnancy and baby showers. I can't wait to set up the nursery, paint is and decorate it. It's all very happy and exciting times.

At some point when I actually look like I have a little bowling ball growing, and it's not just bloating and feeling fat, I'll post some pictures, but don't count on that happening for probably a couple more months I would imagine. Doctor says I'm thin and fit (I most definitely do not feel this way) so it will take me a while to really show. But we shall see!

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