Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Friday, January 18, 2013

1 Month old and Cute as a button!

I can't believe it has already been a month since our pride and joy entered into the world!! He has been such a wonderful blessing in our family and we have enjoyed every minute with him. Blake has quite the personality already, he's stubborn just like his parents and doesn't like to miss anything, he likes to sit up so he can see what is going on. He loves to be held, and I actually don't think love is a strong enough word.... he doesn't really care by who, just as long as they are holding him, which has made going to sleep a little difficult. We have been working on putting him down slightly awake so he can learn to go to sleep on his own and self soothe, he has not been enjoying this process, and neither has mommy.

He's already watching football with daddy (lovely, he's started early) and Gilmore Girls with aunt Lacey. He is practically smothered with all the love from grandma and grandpa (Jasperson) and Grammy and Popi (Coakley). They enjoy spending as much time with him as possible. We love having our families close by, they are so helpful whenever we need something and are always willing and wanting to have so much family time (mainly for Blake, we don't rate as high without him nowadays).

I started both work and school January 7th and it has been a challenge. Thankfully, my mom watches Blake Monday/Wednesday mornings, occasionally Popi will fill in too, while I go to class for a couple of hours. Leaving him is hard, I miss spending every second with him. Then, Daddy watches him with help from Lacey and his mom sometimes, while I take my night class on Thursdays. Blake comes to work with me, which is so nice, and the Towne's kids adore him. Molly is always sitting next to him, putting his paci in if it falls out and showing him her stuffed animals. Charlie likes all his friends to come and see how cute he is and all his funny little faces and smiles he makes. Violet, their black lab, has become quite motherly towards Blake. Whenever he cries, she comes running from wherever she was laying and sits next to him whimpers until I come to pick him up if not already there and sniffs and sometimes licks him to calm him down and doesn't leave until he stops crying, it's quite cute. Gus isn't really a huge fan, so he leaves him alone.

For a while, Blake had his nights and days mixed up, but as of this week, we have gotten that almost rectified! Before, Blake wouldn't go to sleep until well after midnight, EVERY NIGHT. He slept all day and was wide awake from about 6 or 7 until 1 or 130am! That was no bueno with school and work for both Rowdy and I. Rowdy has also been a huge help. He comes home and holds and changes Blake and will give him a bottle before he puts him down for the night. That's another thing, Blake eats like a grown man!
Just before bed he often feeds off both sides and then Rowdy gives him a bottle of pumped milk, I don't know where he puts it all considering he's still so long and skinny, he's still in newborn clothes and diapers!

Blake hates to be swaddled because it means he can't get his hands to his mouth or face. He sleeps with his fists/hands right on his face and often if the sun is shining in his face, he was cover his eyes with his arm. It is  very cute. He's not a fan of tummy time either, but can roll over onto his back every time, I think it's to avoid laying on his tummy on the floor. He also likes movement, so he sleeps in his swing at night. He is a great sleeper, in the way that you can blow an air horn and he wont even flinch. Literally. Our fire alarm went off in the house, not a peep came out of him, slept through the whole ordeal. It's nice because when we have company around we can just pass him around laugh and be loud and he won't wake up.

He got his first cold at two weeks old and it's been slowly going away. That might have been why sleeping was such a challenge for a while, but the last few nights it's been a solid 5-6 hrs, which I am LOVING. He still has all his amazing, strawberry blonde hair and I am praying he doesn't lose it.

Blake has brought Rowdy and I closer together but I will admit we still fight, a lot... over who gets to hold him and take him with them to places, ha. We both love spending as much time as possible with our son. It's so cliche yet so true that I can remember our lives before him but I can't imagine our lives being any different than it is now. He is such a doll and we cannot get enough of him.

But I do have one question, who do YOU think he looks like?????

 I love it when he does this thing with his lips

The classic, puts his arm over his face to block the sun

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  1. He is so adorable. I can hardly stand it! Seriously. I just wanna hug him!