Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cooky for Coooookies!!

So I had the twins for the weekend and we decided to make some Halloween cookies =) They also colored some Halloween pictures my mom had bought them. We also went to church, as usual, and the kids got their parts in the Sunday school annual program, they were so excited! They always ask me when they can speak in the microphone like the other kids and now they get to! They are getting very excited about Halloween. They're just bummed it's still three weeks away lol. Jackie will be a witch and Johnny is going to be a SWAT guy. His costume comes with makeshift handcuffs and if you let your mind wander just a tad, you can probably guess that one of them has already gotten stuck in them, and yes, Jackie has =) so those got put away quickly lol. They also played at Rowdy's parent's house this weekend in their matching Gator shirts. They loved all the new toys and things to do.We watched football and did some wedding stuff. The twins are quickly being introduced into the land of serious sports action. Every time someone scores or makes a great tackle Lacey, Rowdy and my future father-in-law, Tony all scream and yell, and every time the kids jump haha, its cute, they just look at everyone like they're nuts and go back to playing, someday they will not even care or just join in. 

As trying as it can be, I love my nanny job. I love that I can take them to my house and my in-laws and that they are in-love with Rowdy. Jackie just thinks he's so cute, she's infatuated with him and Johnny loves his guy time with him, "No girls allowed Jackie!". I feel like the twins and their mom Kaye are another part of my family, and I was always hoping for that when I took this "job". It's also great prep for myself and Rowdy, when he comes over, for when we have kids. I'll be a pro at raising kids by then.... not lol I don't think that's ever attainable. But either way, i'm learning so much from these two little (well not so little now, they outgrow an outfit every time they put one on, I swear!) five year olds. I love reaping the rewards of little things. When they crack jokes or do something and don't even realize how funny they are. When they ask me loaded religious questions or questions about lava or "laba" as they call it or butterflies "flutterbys" lol so cute. I dunno, even when school isn't going how I wish it would (not enjoying the PSU transfer), i'm grateful that I have two jobs, one of which I get to come home to my two little twins and color with them or when I'm laying down on the bed they crawl in with me and watch TV as Jackie twirls my hair in her fingers, oh life precious little moments and I love them. I'm grateful for my family and my amazing friends, my fiance and the church. I have a new perspective on life as since mine has changed so drastically in the last year and I am trying to be more grateful for the endless blessings that I am given each and every day.

                                          Mixing the orange dough

                                          Final product!

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  1. Taylor, the kids you nanny are soo cute!! that is so fun that they are so excited about the primary program. I am in Primary in my ward and we are getting read for ours too! :) Little kids can definitely be difficult, but it is hard to get mad at them when they are so cute!