Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Friday, November 26, 2010

Starting Over

Okay, over a month ago I was starting to go on a "get my booty back into shape" kick, and then life happened and I had to put it to a halt. So, now that things are settled a bit I'm thinking about getting back onto the bandwagon. Although the holidays are posing a challenge with lots of delicious home cooked goods that have little nutritional value and are generally high in calories (as most comfort food does), I'm going to try to be very disciplined with my eating and working out and also finish my "Eat to Live" book which so far has been very inspiring and informative, I would recommend it to anyone even if you are not on a "lose weight" kick.

We (Rowdy, his family and I) are going to South Carolina for Christmas and we are taking our engagement pictures there, I will definitely not be at my goal by then, or probably anywhere near close, but I'm going to try and kick my own butt so that I can look halfway decent in my engagement pictures lol. I'm not going to lie, this is very hard because not only does my mom cook and cater but my future mother-in-law cooks wonderfully as well, and of course, neither are very health conscious. I don't know how to get around this when dinner is made and there is nothing "healthy" to eat...


  1. Taylor! I didn't know you got the book, "Eat to Live," I'm so excited that you're actually reading it! Everyone just asks me for my diet, I buy them the book and they NEVER read it. I'm so glad you're getting yourself educated on food, like, really excited, haha ;)

    As in response to your comment... I add a can of beans to my salads. I eat bean and veggie soups (anything healthy, organic but doesn't always have to be organic, canned soups from the food store), I make bean barritos (organic refried beans from any food store, lettuce, tomatoes and unions). Now I just eat beans by itself. Elizabeth like to eat it with corn and green peas, it's pretty good :)

    Here are some websites that I love:

    A lot of these recipes can be simplified. I don't always have all the ingredients.

    As for dinner with families... volunteer to make a delicious salad, that's what I always do :) My favorite salad is "Spinah Salad," at

    check it out! stay strong, i'm so proud of you Taylor!!

  2. Thanks Gen! You and my friend Anna have been pushing me along and I thank you for that! Yeah, so far I LOVE the book, its very interesting! I will definitely be checking out those websites to get some good ideas, thank you so much for all of your support!