Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Little Man

Well we went in for the gender reveal and doctor appointment and we are happy to announce that Jelly Bean is indeed a BOY! Just as I thought. So that means that Rowdy's parents will have 5 grandsons and my parents will have 4, we are definitely a boy family. It was so fun seeing the pictures and watching him move around. He likes to put his hands in his mouth and suck on his fingers. The ultrasound tech said he's a wiggler! We got some regular photos but we were also lucky enough to get a couple 3D ones.

I'm 20 weeks along and definitely past the "Is she fat or is she pregers" stage, I just look pregnant. My jeans, though I still fit into them, are massively uncomfortable when I sit down or bend over, so I often leave them unbuttoned =) Sweats and stretch pants are my favorite. Our little bug likes to move around a lot when mommy wants to sleep, probably in preparation for when he comes and that's him telling me he will be awake at night and sleep all day. Just the other night Rowdy and I  had JUST turned the lights off and crawled into bed and no more than 3 minutes later, there he is kung fu-ing it up inside his little bubble.

As far as names, it's no secret that we are going to have a hard time deciding what to name him. We have nothing at this point, nada. I have a few names I really like, but convincing the hubby of anything is darn near impossible. I've already made it clear that Chuck isn't even on the list, he just needs to let it go and move on from it. According to BabyCenter and his measurements from the appointment, he's about 10 inches long and weights about 10.5oz. He's growing steadily and so am I. I have finally gained a couple pounds but according to how far along I am and how much the average woman weighs at this stage and pregnancy, I'm behind in the weight gain, but the doctor says as long as I am eating right, it shouldn't matter too much right now. Luckily no stretch marks or anything funky appearing yet, I'm hoping to stay clear of all of that since neither my mom nor grandma got anything either *crossing fingers*.We still love pickles and Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese is always good for a menu option. I also eat a ton of clementines it seems. We have already gotten a couple baby things like bibs, a couple onesies and a hat for our Mossyrock trip next year. I'm excited to move into our new house and get his nursery all ready.

I'm halfway through this pregnancy and I am already looking forward to being done so I can meet him and hold him. I think he will  most likely have blonde hair and blue or green eyes, I just hope he gets my skin tone so he's not a glow stick like Rowdy. I honestly hope he's not too big either because I don't think I can handle a ten pounder falling out, Rowdy and I were both 7lbs 4oz and he was the heaviest of all his siblings, so I'm hoping for a weight similar to that. I cannot WAIT to register and also for my baby showers!!! I have been doing a lot of "pinning" and research on baby products and decoration/nursery ideas. It's a good thing I took summer off from school because everything baby consumes my time.

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  1. Congratulations Taylor :) You're going to be a great Mom. You're pretty much already a mommy.