Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 months Pregnant

Well, I'm five months pregnant now and feeling pretty good for the most part. I'm getting rounder and little man's kicks are getting harder and harder.Rowdy hasn't felt him kicking yet because my placenta is anterior, meaning baby is more in my back and the placenta sac is in front, giving more cushion between the baby and the wall of my stomach. Thus making it difficult for Rowdy to feel him kick yet, but I feel it all the time internally and I've even felt it externally a few times. They say that there is no harm or complications that incur simply from carrying anterior.

 I love Root Beer floats, Mac and Cheese and pickles, along with hummus and pita and clementines. I will say, lower back pain and leg craps when I stretch out in bed have been the latest qualms, and being kicked in the bladder when I have to pee. I painted our bedroom and the nursery last weekend and we move into the house this weekend, it will be nice to have more space and a place we will be in until we make our big move across country in a few years.

I've finally busted out the Bella Band because skirts for church no longer zip up- at all, so in order for my wardrobe to not be limited to three things, it was time to start making use of those amazing belly bands. The past couple of days, our son's kicking has gotten to be a bit more frequent but less on a schedule, it's more periodic from sun up until I fall asleep. Rowdy has also started to contemplate other names (thank goodness!) so I can at least say we have made some progress, although we have no official options to speak of yet.

Little man is now about 11 inches long and weighs about 12oz, as for my weight gain, I haven't stepped on the scale in a couple weeks, but last I checked I had gained 3lbs so far in this pregnancy, and I'm hoping for that number to continue to grow very slowly, just like it has been, but I'm not so sure with the Root Beer floats and Mac and Cheese cravings that that will last very long.

We have gotten a couple things for the baby, some clothes, his crib and a bouncer, but I look forward to my  baby showers in September and late October/early November to help fill his room and get some much needed baby things!

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  1. it's so neat to see your belly/family growing. you look great Taylor!