Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 Months

26 weeks

27 weeks

Well folks, 2nd trimester is rapidly coming to a close, hard to believe I'll  be holding my little man in 13 weeks! I can hardly stand to wait three more months, can you tell?

How Far Along: 27 weeks (6 months)
Total weight gain/loss: 8lbs
Maternity Clothes: just shirts, I can still fit in my jeans but I am loving my new maternity leggings
Stretch Marks: nope!
Best Moment This week? Movement is increasing, felt him in my ribs this morning
Miss Anything? A good night's sleep without frequent bathroom breaks
Movement: tons! He's a kicker and a roller!
Food cravings? blueberry waffles, clementines
Anything making you queasy or sick? Just the heat and sometimes meat, starting to not eat a lot of it anymore.
Have you started to show yet? Crossed that bridge a long time ago, definitely showing!
Gender? Boy
Labor Signs? Yes, Braxton Hicks have kicked in the past few weeks and I have them almost daily, throughout the day and night. They can be quite uncomfortable at times
Belly button in or out? In but flattening
Wedding rings on or off? On and loose
Happy or moody most of the time? Depends, im pretty happy until something goes wrong, then I can get emotional. my emotions have kicked up a notch the last few weeks, I cry a lot more.
Looking forward to? Meeting him, and my baby showers
Funny Moment this week? While I was reading a book, he kicked it and it fell over. Also, he was featured in my brother, Levi's wedding this past weekend and it will be aired in TLC in November, little man already made his first camera debut!

As previously stated, sleeping is becoming quite a challenge. There are a million pillows on our bed, and I toss and turn all night long. I'm up several times to go to the bathroom and I am noticing that even when I feel like my bladder is going to explode, there's really only a tablespoon in there, how is that possible? I went to the gym today and ran for the first time in a few months and it went really well! I wasn't able to run super fast, my running speed dropped from 7.0 to 5.6-5.8 ha but I ran a mile without heaving for air or anything, I was quite happy about that. I was reading in one of my books how labor takes a lot of energy (duh) and that it's important for women to be healthy and in shape because it is constant "exercise" that your body has to endure and has no choice but to endure. So I decided that my little workout hiatus was over, aside from my occasional walk and that I needed to get back into my normal workout routine. It also helps make the labor process easier for the baby because they are used to the stress that the mother goes through from her working out, as she is in labor.

I want to try to do a natural birth at the hospital, laboring in water. My in-laws think I'm nuts, and Rowdy's not fond of it at all, but it's what I want. I want to at least try it, and if it's not for me, then I can hop out and crawl into the bed. The last month or so I've realized just how important it is to educate yourself, because everyone has their opinions and assumptions, but that doesn't mean they are right or that they have a clue what they are talking about. I need to do what is safe and best for me and my son, and I feel comfortable with my decisions thus far. People have started to give us baby stuff and that has been such a blessing! People I don't even hardly know have been offering me things, makes me feel so good =)

I can honestly say, I'm like my mother in that I love being pregnant. I've had a fairly easy pregnancy thus far with little to complain about. If all my pregnancies go this smoothly, then I could be prego all the time, and that too has been such a blessing. I'm still in awe that I am going to be a mother; That my family is starting now. It makes me worry and wondering about all the things my kids will do and might do and how I can create the best home I can for them. What I can and should teach them, how I can protect and love them. It has been quite a reflection period for me, the past couple weeks especially. 

This last weekend we had Levi and Kristen's wedding. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. It was gorgeous, as were the bride and groom. I felt honored to be a bridesmaid in the wedding and see their special day so up close and personal. For those who were not able to attend and those who did, it will air on TLC in November sometime. Little People, Big World is doing a mini wedding series of 4 weddings. It was hectic at times, not going to lie. We were Mic-ed the entire wedding, which was a little nerve racking because you had to pay attention to everything you said and did, but it was a beautiful wedding. I got to meet some of the Roloff family and Matt was so nice and he loved Levi, which is pretty cool because anyone who knows Levi, knows he can be a little feisty for some lol. It will be a day they will forever remember and get to watch time and time again, as will we!

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