Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Thursday, November 8, 2012

36 Weeks down, 26 days to go!

This picture really doesn't do my belly justice, I will try to have Rowdy take one with a real camera.

How Far Along: 36 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 15lbs
Maternity Clothes: yep
Stretch Marks: nope!
Best Moment This week? The fact that I can practically grab onto his little foot because he drives it into my stomach and side so hard!
Miss Anything? Being able to bend over, tie my shoes, my back not hurting, sleeping well through the night.
Movement: Constant
Food cravings? Starting to want salads... which I loved pre-pregnancy, then hated all while prego but now im starting to want them
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really
Have you started to show yet? Undeniably preggers
Gender? Boy
Labor Signs? 24/7 Braxton Hicks and they are starting to get more intense. And starting to have some "lightning" moments
Belly button in or out? mm flush, but protudes slightly when I sit
Wedding rings on or off? On and loose
Happy or moody most of the time? Stressed, anxious, exhausted but happy
Looking forward to? My prego photoshoot and getting him out!
Funny Moment this week? My dad noticing my son kicking me while we were sitting at church

Well I'm a little past 36 weeks, leaving only 26 more days until his due date! I am looking forward to this day more and more with every second that passes. I have loved being pregnant, but I have reached the point that every pregnant woman seems to reach, where she is ready for her baby to come OUT! I have had a wonderful pregnancy, avoiding many things women are plagued with such as morning sickness, heartburn, stretch marks and swelling, but I have not escaped all symptoms. My back is constantly in pain, and with a bowling ball attached to my stomach, bending over is nearly impossible as are the tasks that accompany bending over such as tying my shoes, picking something up, getting up from a chair or out of bed etc. And I've had this excruciating spot on my stomach ever since I've started to show, doctors just say that our son is so active that he beats me up in that spot often and so the muscle tissue is very sore. Lucky me.

Complaining aside, I only have three weeks left of school, two of those weeks I have a couple days off because of holidays, woo hoo! After my last final on the 28th, I am jumping on that stair master and treadmill and coaxing this baby out. I've had two weekly appointments, my first weekly appointment I tested negative for Step B (which is a good thing) and was already 1cm dilated and cervix was already softening (sorry if that is TMI for some). Today they didn't check me but all is well, his heartbeat is strong and healthy and he is still head down. We meet with my doula, Jordanna again this weekend to go over some things before the birth and I have my birth plan all written out. My dad said it looks like a legal document lol. It doesn't really, but I clearly state what I want and don't want.

We are getting so close! Still no name, we aren't even close to that decision. We should probably get working on the narrowing down of the 11 we have left on our lists. I have half of his clothes washed, his white clothes alone filled the entire hamper, and it was heavy. My life will forever be filled with laundry. The holidays are coming up, I am so excited, the last months of the year are my favorite. This Christmas will be so special for us with our new addition. I can't wait to take a million pictures of him =)

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