Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long Time Coming.. South Carolina Christmas

So here are the pictures from our South Carolina Trip for Christmas. They are in no particular order but there are some fun ones, some cute ones and some not so cute ones...of me of course. Photos courtesy of my mother in law, Lacey and Danielle.
It was absolutely FREEZING that day.

Boys loved their present from Aunt Lacey

Me and Brety


Anxiously waiting to go downstairs and see what Santa brought

Cole was trying to see what was in the presents... well before Christmas day

Dance party Christmas Eve in their new jammies from Grammy and Papi

*blooper 1

Gone with the Wind

*Blooper 2

Making popcorn with Grammy

day after thanksgiving with Grandma Iris (rowdys) we both have a gma Iris.

An intense game of Twister at the Coakley house. We get down and we get dirty when we's to the death!

First and only time this has happened. I never last this long, i'm usually too small and not strong enough for the rest of the group. I usually get dominated. BUT Tash and i TIED!

My sister-in-laws, Danielle (L) and Lacey (R)

Writing and sending letters to Santa via Fire and smoke!


"mock birthdays" for all the fall/winter bdays in our family that we couldn't celebrate together because they moved back to S.C. This is Bret and he was super excited about the candle.

Ryan, Cole and Grammy's turn

Now Jakes

Rocking chairs outside a restaurant. They are everywhere in S.C. even at the airport

I was terrified to be up there because the upper left bar was not bolted in at all and we were up super high!

Santa's sweets and Reindeer treats

Bedtime for Coley

Bret, Nick and Rowdy sound asleep on the way to the beach

Christmas Morning!

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