Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Rowdy, Taylor & Blake

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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So, wedding plans are finally starting to come together! Got the flowers, got the venue (hallelujah!), my dress should be here by May, my girls are ordering their dresses, honeymoon is being planned and bridal showers are also in the works. Very relieved things are starting to pan out and getting excited because in just over four months I will be Mrs. Coakley, wow, weird thought, first time I've ever written that. Other things that i'm looking forward to, term is almost over, two more weeks and really most of the work is done already, only have one final test. I'm also getting a raise in a few months and Rowdy and I have been getting stuff for out future home like furniture and such. We have been counting our blessings because people just happen to be getting rid of some of their furniture and have been literally just giving it to us, woo!

On a different note, twins just had their 6th birthday! They are getting so big and it's weird to think I've been with them for almost a year now, wow crazy how time flies. They have had quite an interesting month, actually we all have with them. First part of February both J & J got Strep, then the flu a week afterwards and they are now getting over their lovely, mucous filled colds... Johnny's body took a while to recover. After dinner at Rowdy's he got down to play and fell asleep on the floor literally three minutes after he was finished with his meal. poor guy. for those that didn't know, Jackie had spinal surgery a few days after Christmas, she is fine now, but I am CONVINCED that instead of pumping her full of pain meds it was piss and vinegar. She's got quite the attitude for a 6 year old girl now days and we definitely test each others patience on a daily basis. Luckily, kids tend to have a short term memory with some things and even when I'm told I'm "mean", minutes later she's cuddling up with me twirling my hair in her fingers like she always does when she's relaxing or watching TV. Ah the joyous times of motherhood =D.

I consider the twins my kids, I have them all the time and Kaye and I co-parent with most things which is nice, but it is crazy to think that I'm only a couple years away from having my own little miracles. I often wonder what the twins will think when I start to get a baby bump, if they will be excited or jealous because another little one will be taking some of their spot light lol. It is hard enough for them to have a twin to share their stardom moments with as is, even though they love each other to pieces and can hardly stand to be apart, they definitely like to have their own time with me and Kaye without the other one taking away from their attention.

It is so funny to see how little minds work, they are a lot smarter than I think we as parents give them credit for at times. They are reading and learning Spanish and they are only in kindergarten! Jackie also has her own sense of fashion, whereas Johnny could care less and prefers me to pick out what he wears, which I don't mind because that means at least one of them is wearing matching clothes ;) but it is a small freedom that Jackie can freely enjoy at her age and it means that there is always a surprise in store for the day when she goes upstairs to get dressed for school lol. She is also in the awkward bangs stage. She really wants to grow them out, but in order for them to get long like the rest of her hair, we can't cut them and let me tell you... I REALLY want to cut them! They are always in her face and the only way to keep them out is to put clips in her hair, but because her bangs aren't very long, the clips are in an awkward spot and as a perfectionist, it bothers me. BUT, I just let it go because she likes it and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter, ha. Well that's all I have for now. I'm sure more is to come...

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